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March Madness Photo Contest














It’s been an absolutely incredible year here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and we want to cap the season off with a contest and prize.  We have seen some beautiful and amazing photos on Instagram and Facebook, and want to open up a contest that showcases the photography and skiing that exist here in Jackson Hole.  The details are below…

The top 64 photos will go head to head through 6 rounds to determine a photo Champion!  Winners will move on through the rounds based on number of Likes in that rounds photo album. The different rounds will coincide with the NCAA March Madness Tournament. (Round of 64: March 20-21, Round of 32: March 22-23, Round of 16: March 27-28, Round of 8: March 29-30, Final 4: March 5, Championship: March 6)  A new photo album will be created for each round, meaning every photo will start the new round with zero Likes.   To enter email your photo to info@TetonVillageSports.com with the subject line “Photo Contest” (photos posted to the TVS Facebook page will not be entered).  You can enter up to 4 photos.  Entries must be submitted by the end of Monday March 17th. The photo entries will be narrowed down to 64 by Jackson Hole’s Instagram legend Ryan Hoff (@rhoff27) and the rest of the TVS crew. The winner will have his/her choice of a brand new pair of skis off the TVS ski wall.
So send in your photos for a chance to win that new pair of skis you have always wanted!

Meet Braden Masselink

Here is another quick look into one of our fine employees at Teton Village Sports.  If you have come into the rental/repair area of TVS, chances are that you have run into Braden Masselink.  As the Rental/repair manager, Braden has helped thousands of visitors get equipped with the right demo and rental skis, as well as tuned up countless customers skis.  We sat down with Braden earlier today to get a little background on his long stint here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Where are you from?

Braden- Holland, Michigan

How long have you been here in Jackson?  In what year did you move out?

B- I moved out here in 2000, so this is my 14th year.  I have worked at Teton Village Sports for all 14 years.

Are you the most tenured employee at TVS?

B- No, I believe Mark Thompson (Boot-fitter and all-around Guru) is.  But, Duffy Mcgee (Hard Goods Buyer/Boot-fitter), Nick Grimes (Repair), and Mitch Luedloff (Repair) have all been here a bit longer than myself. 

What is your job description here at TVS?

B- I am the rental/repair manager.  So I oversee the overall operation in the back shop.  This includes solving any issues that arise, taking care of special request tuning, and making sure the shop runs smoothly in general.

What is your favorite part of working at TVS?

B- The long-time clientele and family atmosphere among the employees is why I love to work here.  We have customers that have been coming to the shop way longer than I have lived here. I have mounted skis for kids that were 6 years old, and now they are 6 feet tall and ski every day.  It’s pretty cool to watch customers’ kids grow throughout the years, and know that I helped with their skiing experience.

What is your most memorable season at JH?

B- All of them.

What’s your favorite ski that we carry here in TVS?

B- Wagner custom.

What’s your favorite ski run at JH?

B- (Laughing) I cannot disclose that information.

In what ways has Jackson Hole changed in your 14 years?

B- As a village and community it has just grown exponentially.  The build-up of the village in general has been incredible to watch.  When I arrived, there was the Inn at Jackson Hole, The Hostel, Wildernest and Snake River Lodge. Now there is Hotel Terra, Terra 2, Teton Mountain Lodge, The Four Seasons, countless condos and houses and Wildernest is a hole in the ground (soon to be a new building).  TVS wasn’t even in the same location…Crystal Springs is a relatively new building.  The resort itself has expanded as well.  I’ve seen new lifts go up, new trams built and plenty of resort make-overs.  TVS used to be privately owned and is now owned by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  So yeah, in 14 years I have seen a lot of change here.  What hasn’t changed is the great skiing, friendly atmosphere and beauty of Jackson Hole.

How amazing were powder days back in the day?

B- Pretty cool (chuckling).  It would take a full day for the village to get tracked out, compared to an hour now.  There was a little bit more of a mellow vibe because of that, but there were still some crowded days during Christmas. Waiting in tram line was a bit different though.  If you left your skis in line as you went to take a break from the line, they would end up down on the sidewalk by the ticket office.  My first season was also the first year of the boundaries being open.  We definitely took advantage of the new rules and it was a very fun and exploratory year. We really learned a lot in the first few seasons.

What equipment do we use here at Teton Village Sports for tuning?

B- We have a Montana Sander, Montana Side-edger, Montana Snow-star for base structuring, and a Reichmann DTSU for base and side-edging.  All of these machines are followed by hand-finishing and iron-on wax.

Why should locals and visitors alike come to TVS for their repair and rental needs?

B- We tune to make the most enjoyable daily experience for every customer regardless of skiing experience or ability, and with a staff of over 90 years of combined experience we feel that we can live up to our reputation. Rental wise, we carry the best products around; including Salomon, Rossignol, Blizzard, Volkl, Wagner, Nordica, Dynastar and Faction.

Come stop by the shop, say “Hi” to Braden and get some expert tune-work done on your skis.  We also have plenty of Demos available for the deep snow that we have been experiencing all of February.  It’s a great time to try those powder skis you have had your eye on all season!










Late Winter 2013


Steve Doherty from the Boot Room takes a blank canvas in Four Pines

There has been a lot going on at Teton Village Sports in the past month. The skiing has been great, as have the late season antics. We have had a mix of powder skiing and spring skiing for the past few weeks. So if you aren’t out at the village, come get suited up at TVS and head up the tram. There is only a month left in the season…get your turns in.

Outside of the fun skiing, there has been some very exciting events. Powder week was last week, which is always a great time. Some of the TVS employees got to try out next years gear and test it out for all the ski industry reps. Powder Magazine was here sponsoring the event and enjoying the good winter conditions. As always, TVS put together a Quaffing team for the Gelande Quaffing World Championships that is held on the last day of Powder Week. We did not win, but we put together a good effort, as the entire village cheered the beer-drinking tournament on.

Caroline Schou takes a break from retail to win Dick’s Ditch in Women’s Amateur





The annual Dick’s Ditch race was this past weekend and we had good showings from many of the TVS employees. Tristan Droppert almost podiumed for the Men’s Pro division after coming in 3rd last year. Caroline Schou won a belt buckle in the Women’s amateur division in her first ever year competing. Congrats to all who participated in this year’s gnarly Dick’s Ditch Race.

We have also been lucky enough to receive some of next years ski’s from both Rossignol and Volkl.  Come out to the Village and demo next year’s Rossignol Soul 7′s and the Volkl One’s and Two’s.  These skis are also available to buy, so get a pair of next years ski’s before next year.

Enjoy the next month of skiing!  We hope to get some more storms, but the spring skiing will be great if the warm weather comes in.  Either way, make your way out to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and stop by and say Hi at Teton Village Sports.  We will get you in the best gear for March and April.  Shred on!

Retail’s Becca Gerber pops a pillow skiing at Jackson Hole.


Head Buyer AJ Cargill goes back to her pro-skiing days and sends a 55ft air called “Fat Bastard.”



Bogner: the leader in sports fashion


For the past 25 years, Teton Village Sports has been the exclusive provider of Bogner Ski Apparel in the Jackson Hole Area. What is Bogner Ski Apparel, you ask? It’s a brand that goes hand in hand with the history of skiing.

Since 1932 Bogner has been on the forefront of the fashion side of the ski industry, in fact it’s been reffered to as the “inventor of sports fashion.” James Bond has sported Bogner in every ski scene of 007 movies, Willy Bogner Jr. directed the 1986 movie Fire & Ice that featured all Bogner gear, and the German National Ski Team has worn Bogner for 17 consecutive olympics!

But it’s not just fashion and history that makes Bogner special, it’s their dedication to quality. Bogner is dedicated not only to a quality product for their consumer, but they also push to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Each piece of clothing is hand-crafted and an extensive amount of time is taken with every product.

Since Bogner has been such a staple of TVS for so many years, we wanted to dedicate a blog to their beautifully crafted ski apparel line. The TVS retail ladies dressed up and showed off some of the best gear that Bogner has to offer. Come on in and try it on for yourselves and see the fashionable side of skiing!

TVS ladies sporting Bogner

Charlotte is wearing the only one-piece that we carry at TVS! The Bogner Silke Jacket is a throwback to the 70's.

The Silia Down Jacket with Nuara Fur brings out the Tiger in Becca! Becs is also wearing the sporty Fire+Ice Kessy pant.
Lita Pant
Hayley (left) is ready for action with her Fire+Ice Sale DP Jacket and Mabel Pant, while Jenny is happy to be on the slopes soon in her Kiki Jacket and Lita Pant!

Lily is wearing the Anela Down Jacket and the Bia Pant with a matching Bogner Fur hat!

Abby (right) looks stylish with a Bogner Fur Hat, her Lanea Down Jacket and the white Emilia Pant.

A Very TVS Christmas

A perfect bluebird Christmas Day

Happy Holidays from Teton Village Sports. We had one to remember here in Jackson Hole with a 14 inch storm hitting the Tetons just in time for the holidays. Not only was it 14 inches, but it was 14 inches of Cowboy Powder. Blower Pow. The goods. The fluffy stuff. Whatever you want to call it, we had it and nature isn’t finished with us yet!

It's deep in the Cirque Photo Credit: Patrick Nelson

TVS celebrated the holidays by doing what we do best…helping out our guests with all of their needs, and getting after it on the slopes. If you haven’t made it in to Teton Village Sports, make sure you do before the holidays are over. We have all the gear you need to keep warm and dry; and we have the equipment to keep you carving on the groomers and floating in the deep holiday snow.

For your rental and demo needs, stop by the shop. Ask for Rudolph, Vixen, Saint Nick, or Clark Griswold. You’ll probably just get a bleach blond-mustached guy named Sam, but he’ll help you get geared up for whatever the mountain has to offer.

Enjoy the Powder….

Seriously folks, its DEEP! Photo Credit: Patrick Nelson

and Happy New Year from your crew at TVS!

Early Season 2012/2013

A break in the storm...

We are officially three weeks into the 2012/2013 Ski Season! What exactly does that mean?

All good things: It’s been dumping for 3 weeks straight, faceshots are at a market equilibrium, the big red box is running full blast, the mountain is empty, TVS already threw a Martini Party, and my rock skis are a mangled piece of garbage (Well, I guess that isn’t a good thing, but it means the locals are getting after it). Basically we’re on track to having a great season in Jackson Hole, and we couldn’t be more stoked!

Look forward to updates from Teton Village Sports throughout the season. We will keep you posted with the store happenings, the right equipment for mountain conditions, anything new with the locals and employees of TVS, videos and photos that’ll make you salivate, and most importantly… the shred conditions on the hill.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is calling your name…get to TVS, gear up and get after it!

Finding the goodies in Toilet Bowl

JH Geometry! Arithmetic from ski bum scholar athletes

Pythagoras kept us busy this morning as we took (from posters in the bathroom) the rough measurements of the tram line and vertical feet to calculate the distance to the center of Rendezvous Peak and therefore an estimate of total depth of the mountain (to cardiac ridge area)…if it were a perfect isosceles triangle (which it is not).  Our Calculations reveal the rough distance to the center of the mountain is about 2.38 miles which means the overall size of the mountain at the base (could be) around 5 miles long!  WHOA! Here’s the math, read up kids!