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Staff Picks

There is no doubt that as seasoned veterans of Jackson Hole, our employees at TVS have a good grasp on what products withstand the test of time and which products fail to hold up their end of the bargain. In this section, we will let our staff give you their picks of which products are exceeding expectations and thus have been dubbed the ‘staff gear picks’. Their criteria is simple: durable, consistent, and quality products that you would choose above the rest. We like to think we’re fashion forward thinkers with a knack for quality gear. Remember the gear buying rule of thumb: ‘Buy it nice or buy it twice’.


Goggles: If you can’t see clearly on the mountain, you certainly aren’t going to be able to ski to your fullest potential. That is why the Anon MIG goggle snap-back is the choice of many TVS dwellers. It combines the ability to change lenses at a moments notice with a magnetic attachment on the frame, and the popular ‘snap-back’ retro technology, commonly found in hats, on the back keeping the goggle snug. It works over the helmet, under the helmet, and most important keeps your vision at tip-top levels.

Jackets: These choices were the easiest of the bunch. Jackets have to perform under all conditions. They can make the difference between a good day on the hill, and an unforgettable day on the hill. All the gentlemen seemed to be in favor of the Patagonia PowSlayer, which was deemed as ‘the multi-tool’ of jackets, performing under all conditions at the highest level. The ladies of the shop all pointed towards the Arc’Teryx Alpha SV Jacket, a true gem among women’s shells. Deemed fashionable yet quite functional, the Alpha SV Jacket is as good at powder skiing, as it is at aprés skiing.

Pants: Some people prefer pants, but the consensus among those that ski dozens of days a year is bibs are the way to go. Flylows’ Baker Bib has been the ‘pant’ of choice since they began producing them a few years back. They are durable and hold up on those cold days, but they allow for a lot of breath-ability via the vent on the warmer days or while hiking. Made for ski patrollers at Mount Baker, these bibs can endure just about anything mother nature can offer. Honorable mention goes to the Norrona lyngen alpha100 3/4 pants, which might be one the best new products on the market. Suitable for just about every situation on the mountain or even near the mountains, they are lightweight yet warm and cozy.

Skis: This is one of those topics that everyone usually has their own opinion on… usually. However, at TVS it’s hard not to notice the favorites in the crowd. The men rave about the Blizzard Cochise and most employees have a personal pair of these in the quiver as the everyday sticks. Black Crows have also become quite popular among the TVS contingent, and as one of the only Jackson based dealers of Black Crows, TVS employees swear by these skis. Most of the ladies found themselves at home on the Atris Birdie, and the men on the Corvus, but there is definitely a multitude of good options from Black Crows, noted multiple employees.