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Jackson Hole hiking experiences are abundant throughout the valley!

Jackson Hole Hiking Guide

Jackson Hole hiking can be the most rewarding and excellent way to spend a summer vacation in Jackson Hole. While the Aerial Tram delivers access to incredible high-alpine views and hiking trails, there is plenty of hiking that starts at the base of the mountain. Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain or just want to find solace with a gentle hike through the woods, there is a trail for you. Hiking guides are available to guide you.

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Jackson Hole hiking is a great experience with plenty of wildlife and sights to see!

The Hole Hiking Experience

Make the most of your visit! Join a knowledgeable naturalist to experience nature and explore Jackson Hole. Educational! Inspirational! Spectacular places off the beaten path. All abilities. Families welcome-butterfly nets and activity books.

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