Ski Rentals


Ski Rentals

Welcome to Teton Village’s oldest ski shop since 1965. We believe that the equipment that you rent from us can have a dramatic effect on your skiing/snowboarding experience. As rental technicians we take pride in knowing the subtle differences in all the skis, snowboards and boots we rent, assisting your choice in the proper equipment for your best experience on the mountain. Our staff’s knowledge helps us to outfit you, the customer, with the right equipment for your skill level, skiing/riding style and the conditions on the hill. Stop by for a multi-day rental or try a few pairs before you buy any of the skis we sell in our rental department.

You can choose any of our rental locations to pick up, exchange or return your ski or snowboard rentals.

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Best Brands

Demo the latest skis on the market before you purchase

Slopeside Pick-up & Drop-Off

Conveniently located between the Aerial Tram and the Mangy Moose. Avoid peak hours and pick up equipment anytime after 3pm the day before your rental.

Overnight Storage

Not staying in the village? Not a problem. We offer storage for your rental ski/snowboard for $5/night.

Ski Rental

& Demo Brands and Models

BrandMen's ModelsWomen's Models
Black Ops 98, Sender 104 Ti, Sender 110 Ti
Kendo 88, Mantra M6, Mantra M102, Revolt 114
Yumi 84, Secret 96, Secret 102
Rustler 9, Rustler 10, Rustler 11, Brahma 88, Bonafide 97
Sheeva 9, Sheeva 10, Black Pearl 88, Black Pearl 97
Dancer 2, Dancer 3, Mana 2.0, Mana 3.0Agent 2.0X
Enforcer 100, Enforcer 104 Free, Enforcer 110 Free, Unleashed 98, Unleashed 108, Unleashed 114
Santa Ana 93, Santa Ana 98, Santa Ana 104 Free
QST 98, QST 106
Lux 92, Lumen 98
Camox, Atris, NoctaCamox Birdie, Atris Birdie

Ski Rental

& Demo Pricing

Rental ProductsIn-Store RateOnline Rate
Adult Performance Ski/Board Package$64$54.40
Adult Performance Ski/Board Only $59$50.15
Demo Ski/Board Package $84$71.40
Demo Skis/Board Only $79$67.15
JR (12 & Under) Ski/Board Package $45$38.25
Helmet $15$12.75
JR Helmet$10$8.50
Demo Insurance$8$8
Performance Insurance$5$5

Winter Rental FAQs


01 Can we switch skis throughout our stay?


Yes, try as many different skis as you would like.

02 Can we pick up our skis the day before?


Yes, any time after 2pm.

03 Do you store boots in your overnight storage?


We do not store rental or personal ski boots in overnight storage.

04 What is the longest length of women’s ski that you rent?


Our skis switch from women’s models to men’s around 165 cm.

05 Can I reserve a specific pair of skis in advance?


All demo skis are available on a first come first serve basis. The best time to get fitted for a greater selection of demo ski is after 5pm

06 Can I exchange skis from Hoback Sports or JH Sports at your store?



07 Do you have any demo skis for sale?


Most of our demo skis go on sale in mid-March on a first-come, first-served basis.

08 Do you rent ski clothing or goggles?


No, but JH Sports rents GORE-TEX jackets and pants. We sell clothing and goggles in our retail section!