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Marker Kingpin 13

In 2006, Marker changed the game with the Duke. Now, the same can be said about the Kingpin, which will probably make its much heavier cousin obsolete. Offering a unique DIN/ISO certification for a tech binding, the Kingpin is a lightweight touring companion that provides retention, releaseability, ease of touring, and bomber skiability. While the toe maintains the two-point connection made familiar by Dynafit, the heelpiece has an alpine-like wide contact around the boot. This not only provides retention and release, but the reliable “thunk” of stepping in.

Product Features

  • 6-13 DIN Range
  • Kingpin PinTech Toe
  • Step-in Kingpin Heel
  • 650g Without Brake / 730g With Brake
  • DIN/ISO Certified Release Function